Mercury Aspects Neptune – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

Mercury Aspects Uranus – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In any aspect the mental power is much increased, and may gain either in activity or profundity according to the type of horoscope. There is originality, ingenuity, and inventive ability. Generally some distinct ability for such subjects or pursuits as are indicated by Uranus is shown, and they may be taken up with interest and successfully carried out, unless the aspects are very adverse. It gives a stimulus to literary ability and to almost all Mercurial activities.

Mercury in the twelfth house denotes a peculiarly subtle mind, one loving risks and dangerous adventu s of a secret nature ; if well aspected the native has ability for occultism, and is well able to investigate mysteries or to follow unusual modes of thought. If afflicted, the native, although possessed of undoubted ability, will lack opportunity ; in fact this position usually gives efficiency and practical knowledge which it is found difficult to express.

Mercury in the fifth house tends to bring anxiety in connection with love affairs, and shows that the mind is liable to become absorbed in feeling and emotion. It denotes some fatalistic affair in connection with children, with much worry and perplexity of mind concerning their affairs. When well aspected by Jupiter or Saturn, however, it is very good for speculation or enterprise. If afflicted by Mars or Uranus scandal and ill-repute in connection with love affairs is shown, and danger of separation, breach of promise actions or divorce.

Mercury in the fourth denotes changes of residence, worry and anxiety concerning home and domestic affairs, and great difficulty in settling or avoiding frequent disturbance. If afflicted by : Uranus, mental distress and strange change of fortune with much difficulty in remaining for any length of time in one place ; Saturn, thefts and frauds ; Mars, the victim of sharp practice and treachery.

Mercury in the ninth house denotes a love of knowledge, an enquiring and studious mind. Unless well aspected this position is not altogether favourable, but if the horoscope indicates power to concentrate, the position is improved. If afflicted it denotes a tendency to worry, and to become engaged in too many things at one time, also to wander and take aimless journeys. It causes the native to entertain many contradictory opinions and to waver and become far too indecisive for his own good.

Mercury denotes gain by writing, speaking, travelling, clerks, agencies, commissions, discounts, dividends, interest, and paper money generally. It is good for success in all commercial undertakings ; scientific pursuits ; trading ; publishing ; advertising ; distributing ; and circulating ; also occupations in which special skill or training is required ; examinations, teaching. It relates to brothers, sisters, cousins, and to some extent servants. Mercury in good aspect to the Moon denotes gain through the general public, learning and quick perception, ability and capacity.

Mercury in the seventh house denotes a partner who is quick-witted, clever, and not always to be relied upon. If afflicted a life of bickering and wrangling is shown. If well aspected the partner will be shrewd, active and progressive. Marriage usually takes place as the result of much correspondence or travelling, and the partner is generally younger than the native, and may be a cousin. The fact of Mercury being a convertible planet renders it important that the aspects of other planets to Mercury be considered carefully, and also the sign Mercury occupies must be taken into account.

Mercury in the tenth house denotes success or failure according to sign and aspects. It generally gives ability to successfully undertake commissions and agencies, or causes the native to adopt several professions and undertakings. If well aspected this position denotes tact and a clear mind with fertility of resource. If much afflicted, cunning and deception, with inclination to act dishonestly or indiscreetly, the moral standard being sacrificed for mental interests, while tact and diplomacy become deceit and craftiness, according to the sign Mercury occupies.

Mercury in the third house indicates one fond of learning, studious and generally mirthful, alert, and active mentally. Eager to investigate science, or any new thought, fond of reading, literature and all things that enlighten and tend to expand the understanding. This house is wholly mental, being (analogically) the positive station of Mercury : it therefore gives a love of writing and speaking, and tends to quicken all expressions of the mind in every form.


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