Mercury in the Sixth House


Mercury in the sixth house denotes mental troubles, and danger of nervous breakdown. This position affects the health when the nativity shows much worry or anxiety, and the native is always liable to be over- strung or easily affected physically by his surroundings and environment. If afflicted by : Mars, there is danger of insanity through excitement or lack of control over the impulses : Saturn, the mind becomes impaired through over-anxiety. Uranus afflicting Mercury in the sixth rarely fails to unbalance the native, causes him to commit rash acts and sometimes denotes suicide. All afflictions to Mercury in the sixth house are dangerous and tend to ruin the health through the condition of the mind. This position denotes an energetic mental worker, but fails to bring the best outlet for the mental energies. The native though fitted to be master can only hope to succeed as servant, and should be concerned with either chemistry, writings, books or clerical work. With this position there is some danger of chronic dyspepsia.