Mercury Aspects Saturn - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Mercury Aspects Saturn – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

The effects of this combination may vary a good deal according to the type of horoscope, the aspect, and the relative strength of the two influences. At its best it gives a very comprehensive and profound mind, capable of achieving much in whatever direction it is turned. The memory is good and strong, and the judgment sound and sensible. If the mind is directed outwardly toward the world, it looks for practical results and has abilities suitable for politics, local or municipal, and for large private or general public undertakings, official positions of all kinds, and public appointments. The judgment necessary for dealing in speculative commercial or financial ventures is often present; and there are prudence, caution, and sobriety of judgment. The mind is made up slowly, but there is much strength of will and steady persistence when a determination has been arrived at. When directed inwards, or turned towards more purely intellectual pursuits, similar characteristics are shown along these lines; there is a comprehensive grasp of subject, concentration and continuity of thought, ability for dealing with profound and abstruse subjects, and skill in reducing them to order and system for the use of others. If Mercury is much afflicted these qualities may be lessened and the mind be slow or unpractical, while if Mercury and the Moon are both seriously afflicted by malefics there is danger of mental weakness and instability. Under affliction there may be more or less disappointment, mental gloom, errors of judgment, fear, hesitation, lack of initiative, procrastination, lack of candour, etc.