Mercury in the Tenth House


Mercury in the tenth house denotes success or failure according to sign and aspects. It generally gives ability to successfully undertake commissions and agencies, or causes the native to adopt several professions and undertakings. If well aspected this position denotes tact and a clear mind with fertility of resource. If much afflicted, cunning and deception, with inclination to act dishonestly or indiscreetly, the moral standard being sacrificed for mental interests, while tact and diplomacy become deceit and craftiness, according to the sign Mercury occupies. Afflicted by Mars, without any good aspects to mitigate, untruthfulness and impulsive speech are denoted ; afflicted by Saturn, without other mitigating influences, tendencies to commit forgery and embezzlement. Mercury has very little dignity in the M.C. unless very well aspected and in a good sign. It may give fluent speech and retentive memory.