Mars Rising - Mars in the First House or Ascendant


Mars gives strength and courage to the native, and when rising always makes him confident of his abilities ; sometimes too consequential and assertive. This planet governs the desire nature and is ever eager for pursuit and disposed to destroy, It is only when the strong influence of Mars is perverted and used selfishly that Mars becomes a malefic' planet, and then because the animal nature is stronger than the god within. Mars and Venus are polar opposites, the one tending to rush outward and distract, the other drawing inward to nourish and preserve. When placed in the ascendant at birth much depends upon the aspects Mars meets as to what will be the influence exerted.

Mars in Aries : Daring ; argumentative ; prone to righteous indignation.
Mars in Taurus : Inveterate ; obstinate ; fearless ; can be led but not driven.
Mars in Gemini : Severe ; tactful ; sharp ; acute, and mentally clever.
Mars in Cancer : Tenacious ; changeable ; unruly ; peevish ; unfortunate.
Mars in Leo : Reformative ; commanding , argumentative ; generous.
Mars in Virgo : Affable ; scientific ; original ; irritable ; diplomatic.
Mars in Libra : Captivating ; well-balanced ; courteous ; unfortunate in love.
Mars in Scorpio : Tricky ; passionate ; inventive ; clever, but resentful.
Mars in Sagittarius : Invincible ; rebellious ; aspiring ; talkative ; generous.
Mars in Capricorn : Organising ; brave ; tactful ; adventurous ; ingenious.
Mars in Aquarius : Nervous ; mentally resourceful ; clever and occult.
Mars in Pisces : Satirical ; generous ; sympathetic ; mediumistic ; acquisitive