Mars Aspects Moon - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Mars Aspects Moon – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect, greatly increases the activity, energy and vitality. If there is bad health indicated elsewhere, this will go far to counteract it and to preserve health and life. The native is capable of hard work, and works quickly. He accomplishes his ends more through his energy than subtlety, and influences people more by his activity and pushing ways than through agreeableness or insinuating manner, although all these may be present if indicated elsewhere in the horoscope. Enterprising and fruitful of resource, the native will not shrink from positions of publicity or responsibility. This position brings good fortune through the mother and the possibility of a legacy or money from her on her side of the family. It is favourable for the dwelling-house and house-property, and for a prosperous close to life; it gives a good deal of activity, intelligence and preservation of the senses to the last in old people. It favours fertility in offspring, and gives strength to the whole system, muscular and circulatory; it is good for those who have to work with their muscles, athletes, labourers, and for occupations carried on in the open air. It gives some likelihood of money or possessions through marriage or partnership. It is good for occupations of the fourth and eighth houses, also for those of the water and the watery element generally, and for martial pursuits. If religion is prominent in the horoscope, this may lend its influence in the same direction, according to its own nature.

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In conjunction or bad aspect, the native is imprudent, rash and hasty; his temper is quick, and he says and does things that he soon regrets. He is frequently in mental or physical conflict with other people, and constantly finds himself differing from others and at variance with them, perhaps much to his own surprise and regret. He dislikes being hampered or fettered by restrictions, and often breaks rules and regulations of all kinds, careless of the consequences, inciting others to do the same. This position gives strong and ill-regulated passions, which may bring the native much sorrow; these may act in many directions, but bad temper, drink and sex impulses need specially guarding: he may incur public scandal in some degree in connection with any of these, although sometimes this may be quite as much if not more someone else's fault than his own. It may bring trouble of some kind in the sex relation, whether married or not, and disorders affecting the sex organs, Iowa- bowel, or bladder, also the head or eyes. It brings trouble through the mother and her side of the family, her illness or death, or separation from her; also through the house or dwelling-place, and house property. It may cause maladies affecting the breasts, digestion, head and nervous system, and sometimes cancer. It gives liability to a martial death, one rather sudden, or from fever, accident, excitement, rupture of a blood-vessel, wounds, surgical operations; danger from water and fire, scalding, drowning, burning. Loss of an expected legacy; loss of money through marriage or partnership, through robbery, deceit or the bad advice or action of others. If the aspect is strong the native is likely to arouse enmity and opposition and to incur strong disapproval from many people. It may make him excitable and nervous.

The evil effects, so far as they influence character and disposition, may vary very greatly according to the general condition of the horoscope, the prominence of benefics, the sign rising, etc. With prominent benefics and an otherwise good horoscope, the character may suffer very little, and the effects work out through mere bad luck,' fate, or what the Easterns term KARMA.