How to Attract and Seduce a Libra Woman


The Libra woman is intelligent, thoughtful, fair, and welcoming. She can see both sides of any issue. She has a wonderful propensity for collaboration and cooperation. The Libra woman is truly one of the most charming and easygoing signs in the zodiac. It's not tough to see why a man might set his sights on the Libra woman.

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Let's talk about some of the ways that you might catch her eye and win her over.

Be a man of integrity

Libras have a strong innate sense of fair play and justice. If you really want to attract the Libra woman, you'll have to be someone who always plays by the rules and looks out for anyone at a disadvantage. Never try to game the system or get ahead in an unscrupulous way. The Libra woman won't abide a man who lives his life that way.

Be calm, steady, and free of drama

This is a woman who loves peace and diplomacy. She dislikes conflict and arguments. The Libra woman will be put off by a man who is always stirring the pot. It's true that she'll be a great listener. She'll empathize and even see your side of the issue. She will do everything that she can to understand where you're coming from. But one thing that she won't do is accept a second date from you. The Libra woman could never be happy with a man who is overly emotional. He'd keep her scales forever out of balance, and the Libra woman needs balance, the same way as the Cancer woman needs security and the Leo woman needs attention.

Don't curse or make lewd jokes

The Libra woman dislikes crudeness. You aren't going to win her over by reciting crass limericks or throwing four-letter words around. The Libra woman is much too peace-loving to tell you that she's offended, but you'll know that you've done wrong when she declines a second date with you. Wash your mouth out with soap if you have to, but don't show up to dinner with a Libra woman with the mouth of a sailor.

Take her out to art museums and exhibits

The Libra woman is an art-lover. She appreciates beauty and has a keen eye for the aesthetic. If you take her to an art museum or the opening of a new art gallery, she's sure to have a wonderful time.

Engage her in a friendly debate

The Libra woman won't be interested in having heated, venomous arguments, where one side battles adamantly against the other. She isn't out to prove anyone wrong, and she doesn't care about being right. But the Libra woman does love a lively debate, when things are kept friendly. She loves harmony and compromise far too much to let a difference of opinion drive a wedge between her and the people that she cares about. The Libra woman has the uncanny ability to see a topic from every possible vantage point. She can put her own perspective aside in order to fully understand the viewpoint of someone else. Come to dinner ready to discuss the latest happenings in congress and foreign policy. The Libra woman is very intelligent and she'll have a great time with you, if you engage her in an intellectually-stimulating conversation.

Be patient

The Libra woman can take a very long time to make up her mind. This doesn't just apply to matters of romance, but to every aspect of her life. The Libra woman tends to sit on the fence, mulling over all of the pros and cons of any particular choice. If you try to rush her into something serious before she's ready, she might just panic and flee from the relationship. You will have to be patient of her indecisive nature.

Take the lead

As previously stated, you don't want to rush the Libra woman into a commitment if she isn't ready. Don't put pressure on her. You need to let her make up her own mind. That being said, Libra is such a vacillating and wavering sign (that tends to happen with signs ruled by the element of air) that the Libra woman tends to be most compatible with men who are assertive and take charge.

The Libra woman is not a leader. That's not to say that she's a mindless follower. Quite the contrary. She is very discerning, and she takes the time to analyze everything before coming to a decision.

In a relationship, the Libra woman is best at playing the role of trusted adviser. She'll do the analytical work, giving you all of the information that you need to make a choice. But it is you that will have to make the tough calls. Show the Libra woman, early on in your courtship, that you are the type of man who will respect her feelings and give them careful thought, but you're the one who will step up to the plate and make the decisions ultimately. You can convey this very easily when you take her out for the evening. Ask her where she'd like to go for dinner. She'll likely tell you the pros and cons of all the restaurants in the area. Nod and think over what she's said and then say something like, “You make a good point about Nemos. They are the closest and we have been there before and liked it. We'll eat at Nemos.”

The Libra woman will feel respected when you listen to her, but she'll feel secure knowing that she's with someone decisive and in-charge; a personality style that is different but complementary to her own.