Jupiter in the fourth is a most favourable position for gain by inheritance, and denotes property, wealth and prosperity toward the close of life. It promises a happy home, very peaceful and successful domestic surroundings, and denotes favours from parents and benefits through or from them which considerably help the native. Enterprises and business undertakings have a successful issue. If well aspected by the luminaries it will counteract many other defects in the horoscope, and shows the probability of great gain and fortune at the close of life, or great spiritual advance.

Jupiter in the ninth house is the ideal position for the philosopher or saint, unless afflicted, when religious fervour and devotion will take the place of philosophy of the metaphysical order. If afflicted : by Mars, a tendency to go to extremes in religious matters, also legal troubles and danger of shipwreck or accidents abroad ; by Saturn, self-deception and trouble through overstepping the bounds of reason. If in good aspect to the Sun, Moon or Mercury this is a splendid position for the higher mind, giving true intuition, and the ability to foresee clearly.

Jupiter relates to religious affairs ; Government offices ; managements; legal affairs ; trusts ; banking ; churches ; charity and charitable institutions ; to some extent, also, to the higher forms of education and cultivation, such as philosophy, professorships in science, literature, or religion, etc. ; it also has a bearing upon voyages and shipping. Jupiter in good aspect with Saturn or Uranus is favourable for monetary prospects, and gives good fortune and success in life if the luminaries are not afflicted at birth.

Jupiter in the seventh house promises a good and faithful partner and much happiness in the marriage state, also success and gain resulting from marriage. It brings social advantages after marriage and financial prospects, the partner having independent means in which the native shares. This position often denotes marriage to one who has been previously married or a partner older and more religiously inclined than the native. If afflicted lawsuits and litigation are threatened by this position, but principally when the affliction is from Mars or Uranus.

Jupiter in the sixth house denotes good health and little danger of sickness, except such as arises through excess and over-indulgence. If sick, the native is well and carefully nursed and sometimes gains through his sickness. The native makes a good and faithful servant and either inherits or gains through his employer, with whom he may become partner or whose full confidence he shares. He would gain by and through servants if he employed them, for profit through inferiors is denoted by this position. Jupiter afflicted in this house affects the blood and the liver.

Jupiter in the tenth house denotes much success and prosperity. The moral standard is very high, and the native holds a very secure and important position at some period of his life. This is one of the best positions for financial and social success. If afflicted : by Mars, legal troubles are threatened and heavy losses at certain periods ; by Saturn, the good influence of Jupiter in the M.C. is vitiated, and almost rendered nil ; by Uranus, grave reverses of fortune, and a liability to become involved in serious difficulties.

Jupiter in the third house shows a religious and philosophical mind, kind and sympathetic mentally, with abilities above the average ; sincere and courteous in speech and writing ; earnest, thoughtful and considerate in all matters of correspondence and exchange of thought. This position favours those who are naturally social and readily able to adapt themselves to all average conventional requirements.

Jupiter in the twelfth house denotes success in occult studies, and a respect for the sacred and ancient beliefs. It also gives success in a quiet and mysterious manner of which the general public are unaware. It enables the native to gain either directly or indirectly through his enemies, or to turn them into friends, even against their will. This position gives dual love affairs ; or some peculiar experience in connection with the affections which is evidently beneficial to the native.


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