Jupiter in the Fifth House


Jupiter in the fifth house is a very favourable position, showing reasonable and legitimate affection, in which the senses are under control and the sympathetic side of the nature is expressed. It promises much success in courtship, and gain through the opposite sex. It is a very good position for speculation, investment and financial enterprise. This position also promises good and dutiful children and much happiness through them. In a female horoscope this position often denotes an attachment to a widower, or to a man who has had a former engagement which has affected his life to some extent. It favours love affairs with the religious minded or socially inclined. If afflicted by the luminaries or any of the planets the good influence of Jupiter is much modified, but if well aspected the life is successful, and there are many opportunities to become prosperous and happy through gratified affection. If either of the luminaries be in trine aspect to Jupiter in the fifth, a fortune is likely to come to the native either through speculation, lotteries, or what are called games of chance ; but other influences should also be studied.