Jupiter Aspects Moon - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Jupiter Aspects Moon – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect, increases the imagination and intuition, and is sometimes the accompaniment of genius. It increases vitality and fertility, both of mind and body; It inclines to honesty, religion, justice, compassion and sympathy. It is fortunate for all matters of the fourth, ninth and twelfth houses, and for things connected with the watery element; also for the mother and her attitude to the native. It gives children, possibly twins. If there are inclinations to psychism or occultism, this will lend its influence for good. Money is gained through the ninth house or by legacy from the mother's side of the family. It is good for friendship and all social feelings; and it greatly improves and ripens the character. The conjunction is almost wholly good, but somewhat inclines to excess, either in love of pleasure or in enthusiasm and go.'

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In bad aspect, it may bring illness of mother or lack of sympathy between her and the native, or separation from her. Possibility of a step-mother or of adoption. It is unfavourable for offspring, and puts obstacles in the way of all matters and occupations of the fourth, ninth and twelfth houses. The native will show duplicity and deception, or lack of straightforwardness, or may perhaps suffer from them in others, in matters signified by the two planets. In extreme cases, if the rest of the horoscope accords, the native will either be dishonest or suffer from the dishonesty of others. There will be trouble through religion, voyages and the watery element; moreover the native may suffer from slander, or be accused of wrongdoing he has never committed. This aspect is unfavourable for health, especially in women.