Jupiter Aspects Venus - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Jupiter Aspects Venus – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect all four signs ruled by the planets benefit. Money and possessions come through ninth house activities, by religion and occupations relating in any way to it or to the Church; by travels, journeys, shipping, or occupations relating to these; by intercourse with foreign countries or people from a distance; by activities of the twelfth house and matters connected with prisons, hospitals, asylums, nursing, charitable institutions, etc. The native is honest, sincerely religious, pious, virtuous, sympathetic, and honourable. There is genius of some kind, imagination, and the love of beauty; but in what form, whether sensuous, intellectual, artistic, spiritual, poetic, or musical, etc., depends a good deal upon the signs and houses the planets are in, and also very largely upon the Mercurial and Lunar positions. It inclines to partnership, association, or marriage with a person coming some way under the ninth or twelfth houses by birth, character, or occupation; or with a person from a distance, or of a different nation. It gives social and general popularity, esteem, and respect, and is extremely fortunate for love and marriage. It inclines to acts of charity, and the native will be fortunate in receiving charity or the help of sympathetic benefactors when needed. To a slighter degree there may be money by legacy by matters connected with the dead, or with what may be called religio-occultism, and by any matters that are a combination of seventh and ninth houses, by the brethren of the business or marriage partner. Money will be gained through two different occupations or sources, either both at once or successively by a change in the occupation, or from two businesses; also from trade-unions, companies, associations, etc., chiefly those that are local or limited in their scope and that do not appeal to a great number of people, or that bear upon activities of the twelfth house.

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There is a likelihood of two love-affairs, attachments or marriages; of a love-affair or marriage with a relative or with a relative of the business or marriage partner; also of third or ninth house activities carried on in connection with someone else (such as literary collaboration, etc.); and of a secret marriage or love-affair, or of one with someone very different to the native in station (probably lower).

When in bad aspect, the native suffers through matters signified by the four signs, and trouble may come through anything referred to under the head of the good aspects. There will be either loss of motley or money troubles of some kind arising directly or indirectly out of the ninth and twelfth houses, their occupations and mental characteristics. Money may be lost through easy good-nature, through fondness for ornaments, fine clothes or luxuries, through deceitful friends or acquaintances, through companies, societies, or associations, through carelessness and lack of business instinct, or through fraud and deception; the aspect is also slightly unfortunate for money as related to the third, sixth and eighth houses. There will be similar troubles through partnership and marriage, or arising out of the ninth and twelfth houses, such as religion, voyages, foreign countries, etc., and due to deceit, concealment, treachery, desertion, persecution, abandonment or separation; to a less extent, also out of the third and eleventh houses. The fact of Jupiter's houses being both double will cause various troubles, such as loss of money through divided interests, through carrying on two occupations at the same time, or through change of occupation; while in seventh house affairs, flirtation, jilting, two or more love-affairs or marriages—or even, in a bad horoscope, faithlessness, breach of promise, bigamy or divorce-- will figure in some way.