Jupiter Aspects Sun - Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Jupiter Aspects Sun – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In conjunction or good aspect, it conduces to kindness. sympathy, sincerity and honesty. It inclines somewhat to religion, and may give some degree of prominence or eminence therein, as well as good fortune in affairs of the ninth house generally, occupations or amusements connected with religion or places of worship, travelling, shipping, horses, amusements and games. It increases the vitality_ almost too much so, inclining to plethora, in the case of the conjunction, —the most vitalising aspects in general being those of Mars and Jupiter to the Sun and Moon, when the luminaries are free from bad aspects from other planets. It slightly favours legacies, either to the native or to his father or children; he benefits by any occupation of Leo and the fifth house, and is likely to rise to some position of responsibility in whatever occupation he pursues. It increases the social and benevolent instincts and humanitarian feelings, and is favourable to the prosperity of father and children, or for help received by the native from them. It is somewhat beneficial for love and marriage, but more for love than marriage. It is good for nursing, and all charitable work such as that connected with hospitals and charitable institutions; also for work connected with the poor and the lower classes generally.

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In bad aspect, it is less good for health; it may weaken the heart and bring about any of the Jupiter diseases; but unless the horoscope is a bad one for health these will not be important, or may not appear until the latter part of life. It introduces obstacles and misfortune into all matters signified by the two planets and by the fifth and ninth houses. There will be trouble in love, trouble connected with children, religion, travelling, shipping, horses, amusements, games; but none of these need be very serious unless backed up by other influences in the horoscope. It is slightly unfavourable for the life of the children (sons especially) and father; one may die, or there may be disagreements or unavoidable separation. The native's religious opinions will prove at variance with those of his superiors, father or son. He may require charitable assistance, or at some time of life may be the inmate of a charitable institution, and if other influences coincide this may help to bring the native to a prison, hospital, asylum, etc., at some time in his life; but here much depends upon the general state of the horoscope. If a nurse or doctor, may suffer from some disease contracted from a patient. It inclines somewhat to duplicity or a double life, which need not necessarily be of the native's own seeking; in some cases it may be forced on him against his will. It may co-operate with other influences that tend towards dishonesty, irreligion, or lack of straightforwardness, or me native may suffer from these qualities in others rather than possess them himself. In this respect the predominance of the Sun or Jupiter, as the case may be, will afford the clue. None of Jupiter's bad aspects are very serious, however, unless there are other influences or indications, pointing in the same direction.