Jupiter Aspects Mars Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square


Jupiter Aspects Mars – Conjunct, Sextile, Trine and Square

In good aspect, a great deal of energy and enterprise are thrown into all occupations signified by Jupiter's signs. There is some degree of self-reliance and originality in matters signified by the planets: the native launches out into new undertakings or lines of thought; does not hesitate to forsake the beaten track; and may be, if only in a small way, a pioneer in his work: is a lover of freedom and justice, and one likely to espouse the cause of the weak, the poor, or those suffering from injustice. This will especially be noticed in religious affairs, but more or less in all matters of the ninth and twelfth houses. Fond of travel and exploration, he will succeed well in any occupation connected with sailing, shipping, travel; also in the mechanical occupations connected with the ninth house. There is some degree of pride, ambition, and jealousy of position; but the native will ever be openhanded, free and straightforward. A legacy or money through the relatives of the marriage partner or through the marriage partner of a brother or sister is likely. Native arouses others to activity, seeks to lead, guide, or teach them for their good; champions others, whether a forlorn hope or not. The aspect in general inclines somewhat to irregular forms of religion, and slightly to the occult: it frees from captivity, servitude or bondage.

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The conjunction is partly good and partly evil.

When in bad aspect, this position tends to irreligion, unorthodoxy, lack of devoutness and carelessness of established forms of religion. Its general influence is injurious for religion, morality, law, order, honesty, and upright living. Much will, however, depend upon which planet is the stronger, and whether by elevation, house, or sign; for if Jupiter is elevated or otherwise strong, the extreme evil results need not be expected. There is a liability to feverish diseases, diseases of the blood and blood-vessels and of any part of the body ruled by the four signs concerned. Trouble will come through religion, and any matter or occupation allied thereto; and through any affair or calling relating to the eighth, ninth, and twelfth houses; shipping, voyages, the goods of the dead, any occupation connected with the dead, prisons, asylums, charitable institutions. He will suffer from dishonesty, treachery, underhand dealing, desertion, severance of bonds and ties, misrepresentation; or in some cases (according to the relative power of Mars over Jupiter) he may bring about these himself, or be accused of these things, perhaps unjustly. He is often himself the cause, indirectly perhaps, of the misfortunes that befall him under this aspect. There is some danger of death by drowning, or on a voyage, or while absent from home, or in a distant country. In past ages this might have signified death through religious persecution; but there is little likelihood of things proceeding to such extremity in modern times. Mediumistic or psychic practices may injure health, or such power may appear during or result from ill-health. The native will be in great danger of death once, or more than once, during his life. There is danger of trance being mistaken for death, death by misadventure, by enmity or treachery; death during restraint, imprisonment, or in a charitable institution. To a slighter extent it signifies loss of a legacy: extravagance in money matters; loss of money, sometimes through dishonesty or deception either on his own part or at the hands of someone else; loss of money through affairs or occupations of the twelfth house. Trouble and loss through pleasures and speculations arising out of the fifth and ninth houses, horse-racing, boating, travelling, etc. Death or danger to health may occur in connection with any of these. Danger of psychic diseases, obsession, etc. The tendencies to the latter are, however, very slight.