Jupiter in the Twelfth House


Jupiter in the twelfth house denotes success in occult studies, and a respect for the sacred and ancient beliefs. It also gives success in a quiet and mysterious manner of which the general public are unaware. It enables the native to gain either directly or indirectly through his enemies, or to turn them into friends, even against their will. This position gives dual love affairs ; or some peculiar experience in connection with the affections which is evidently beneficial to the native. It will bring success toward the middle or latter portion of the native's life, and tends to bring him secret aid and help from good friends, even when afflicted. It makes him charitable and philanthrophic and willing to help others. It is good for physicians, clergy, officers of public institutions, hospitals, etc. The native is benefited through the philanthropy of others and by public institutions. It is unfavourable when Jupiter is in Scorpio or Virgo.