Jupiter in the Third House


Jupiter in the third house shows a religious and philosophical mind, kind and sympathetic mentally, with abilities above the average ; sincere and courteous in speech and writing ; earnest, thoughtful and considerate in all matters of correspondence and exchange of thought. This position favours those who are naturally social and readily able to adapt themselves to all average conventional requirements. It denotes a hopeful, cheerful and contented mind, but gives no striking mental ability unless in good aspect with the Sun, Moon or Mercury, but even if no planets are in favourable aspect it is especially good for the mental faculties. This position promises much gain, and many benefits through and from relatives; also prosperous and fruitful journeys, and generally financial success through travelling. The position of Jupiter in the third in Fiery Signs is good for social success; Earthy Signs, good for business, commerce, and speculative enterprise ; Airy Signs, good for the mind and mental pursuits ; Watery Signs, good for voyages and travel by water. But it is unfavourable for all things if afflicted by the planet Mars.