Jupiter in the Fourth House


Jupiter in the fourth is a most favourable position for gain by inheritance, and denotes property, wealth and prosperity toward the close of life. It promises a happy home, very peaceful and successful domestic surroundings, and denotes favours from parents and benefits through or from them which considerably help the native. Enterprises and business undertakings have a successful issue. If well aspected by the luminaries it will counteract many other defects in the horoscope, and shows the probability of great gain and fortune at the close of life, or great spiritual advance. If well aspecting Mars a religious end to the life is denoted : and if Saturn or Uranus are in good aspect, occult tendencies are denoted. If afflicted, Jupiter in the fourth house denotes extravagance, waste of money in the household, and troubles through parents and their Mercury in affliction denotes lawsuits, and the luminaries afflicting, danger of apoplexy or sadden heart troubles.