Jupiter in the Eleventh House


Here's what it signifies to have Jupiter in the eleventh house:

Jupiter in the eleventh house denotes many true and fortunate friends by whom the native will always benefit. This position gives a love of social life and causes the native to do much that will bring him friends and helpers. If in conjunction or good aspect with :

Neptune: Mystical acquaintances and friends. Sometimes indicative of great wealth.

Uranus: Remarkable enlightenment and assistance by means of religious, philosophic or highly-connected people, or occultists.

Saturn: A lasting attachment, from which much good will come.

Mars: If afflicted by this planet, a lawsuit ; whereby the native will gain or lose according to the general tendency of the horoscope.

Sun: Denotes fame and renown to the native; bringing very distinguished and honourable friendships.

Mercury: Much intuition and splendid judgment.

Moon: Many benefits through travel and the public generally.

In the Fixed signs Jupiter in the eleventh house denotes pride and egotism ; in Cardinal signs, enterprise and progress ; in Mutable signs, religious and domestic experiences.