Jupiter in the fifth house is a very favourable position, showing reasonable and legitimate affection, in which the senses are under control and the sympathetic side of the nature is expressed. It promises much success in courtship, and gain through the opposite sex. It is a very good position for speculation, investment and financial enterprise. This position also promises good and dutiful children and much happiness through them.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and it rules Sagittarius. It orbits the Sun and is positioned between Mars and Saturn. Jupiter takes 12 years to complete one rotational cycle. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system. This may be the reason it is associated with abundance and good fortune. Traditionally Jupiter was considered the natural ruler of Sagittarius during the day and the ruler of Pisces during the night. However, the discovery of Neptune changed that and Pisces is now ruled by Neptune.

Jupiter rising in the ascendant is always a -more or less fortunate influence. It gives the native power and dignity and fits him to become a leader in the social and also the business world. Jupiter governs the internal power in which the Will is exercised and the motive, strengthened by the moral and religious, element. It gives fortune and success when free from affliction, but even when afflicted its influence is not wholly evil. The worst tendency of Jupiter is to make those who pervert its influence hypocrites and deceivers, especially in the social and religious world.

Jupiter in the eighth house denotes a very peaceful and a perfectly natural death. It denotes, when afflicted, heart trouble and danger of death through blood poisoning, also through tumours, cancer and consumption. When not afflicted this is a very good position for finance after marriage, and generally denotes gain through a wealthy partner. It also gives gain by legacy, and through the deaths of others. It generally causes the native to take a deep interest in occult subjects, especially those dealing with after-death states.

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Here's what it signifies to have Jupiter in the eleventh house:

Jupiter in the eleventh house denotes many true and fortunate friends by whom the native will always benefit. This position gives a love of social life and causes the native to do much that will bring him friends and helpers. If in conjunction or good aspect with :


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