How to Attract and Seduce a Capricorn Woman


The Capricorn woman is ambitious, driven, and goal-oriented. If she isn't a career woman, then she's sure to be a strategic social climber. This is a practical and down-to-earth woman who knows what she wants. She is most likely to be attracted to successful men of status. That's not to say that men who haven't yet achieved these goals have no chance with the Capricorn woman. You just have to know what to do to catch her interest.

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Be willing to overcome any obstacle to get to the top

It's not money and status that the Capricorn woman is after, so much as the character that often comes with these things. The Capricorn woman would much rather be with a self-starting man working tirelessly towards a goal, but who doesn't have a penny or any acclaim to his name yet, than settle down with a lazy and careless man who was born into money and reputation. The Capricorn woman is hardworking herself, and she won't abide a man who isn't just as driven as she is. If you want her to seriously consider you as a match, you will need to be focused, ambitious, and responsible. The Capricorn woman will never be one to marry a whimsical dreamer or a starving artist. She can appreciate dreams, but she will always put practical matters first.

Take her out for sensible dates

The Capricorn woman won't be impressed by grand or extravagant displays of romance. This is not a lady who will swoon if you take her to a fancy five-star restaurant or hire a violinist to accompany your candlelight dinner. She is much too prudent and level-headed to excuse what she considers to be a silly waste of money. This is a woman who would much prefer dinner in an affordable family restaurant, or better yet, cook her dinner yourself. If she knows that you're a man who can cook, that will make you an even more logical choice for a partner in her mind.

Be on time for dates

Showing up late will not impress the Capricorn woman. She is always punctual herself. It's just a part of her consistent and disciplined personality. A man who is constantly running late will vex her to no end, and she will probably view this behavior as a sign of a larger character flaw.

Get to know her family, and introduce her to yours

The Capricorn woman values family. She is very traditional. She keeps close ties with her family, and much like the Cancer woman, she'll respect any man who takes the time to go to brunch with her mother, or attends her younger brother's baseball game.

To show her that you're the conventional type (and that's precisely the type of man that she's looking for), you should also consider inviting her to a few family gatherings of your own. The Capricorn woman is going to want everything traditional. She might be ambitious and have an exciting career, but she also wants marriage, a home, and children. By showing off your own strong ties to your family, you can show her that you're the grounded and traditional man that she needs to give her the life she wants.

Give her plenty of compliments

The Capricorn woman tends to be insecure. It doesn't help that she's also, quite often, a late bloomer as well. She may take some time to come into her own, and when you meet her, she may not have found her footing yet. This mountain goat always sets her sights high, at the very top of treacherous peaks. It's no wonder that it takes her some time to find her footing on such a steep, rocky surface. The problem is, she won't ever cut herself that kind of slack. In fact, the Capricorn woman is known for being very hard on herself. Internally, she's always tearing herself down. It's all a part of the incredible pressure she places on herself.

What the Capricorn woman needs, more than anything, is a partner who can help to build her up. Don't give her compliments unless you mean it, as the Capricorn woman dislikes dishonestly, and she can almost always tell when a person is lying to her. But when you do admire something about her, take the time to let her know. It's a surefire way to help her feel closer to you.

Help her see the lighter side of life

The Capricorn woman is diligent and utilitarian. If there was ever a person who needed a reminder to smell the roses, it is surely her. You could be that person for her, who reminds her that life isn't all work. The man who is the best match for the Capricorn woman will be one who can provide that sense of perspective and balance. There is a humorous and lighthearted side of the Capricorn woman that wants to break out. It's just that she feels guilty giving up her climb. She feels like she has to keep her head down and work, at least until she starts to see some real results. Remind her that everyone needs a little break every now and then. If you can help her connect with that more laid-back side of herself, this could be the way to show her that you are the yin to her overworked yang. The pragmatic side of her won't be able to dismiss the value of this.

Be supportive when she's feeling blue

The Capricorn woman is prone to bouts of sadness here and there. It's the flip-side of her ambitious and goal-oriented nature. She's so focused on the future and everything that she wants to achieve that she doesn't always take care of herself, especially when it comes to her emotional well-being. She can sometimes fall into a cycle of being cynical and pessimistic. Take the time to cheer her up and put a smile on her face. She has a wonderful sense of humor, so try telling a joke or two. If you do this, you'll be sure to warm her heart and have her thinking of you fondly.