How to Get Your Capricorn Man Back


The Capricorn man is ambitious, hardworking, and goal-oriented. He's protective and a great provider. The other side to his steadfast and practical nature is that the Capricorn man can often be more focused on his career and financial duties, than he is on his emotional duties. If you've experienced a rift with your Capricorn man, it could very well be because he is unsentimental. It might also be because he has a tendency to be cheap and may come across as miserly. For all of Capricorn's strengths, his Saturn nature can also cause him to be cold and logical, to the point seeming emotionally neglectful. But for those who understand and appreciate the Capricorn man they view him as prudent, fiscally responsible, hardworking, and pragmatic.

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The Capricorn man is deeply devoted to his family and makes a trustworthy and faithful husband, but the love language he speaks can be seen as a bit more distant and reserved than most. In order to repair your fractured relationship with your Capricorn man, you'll have to take the time to understand the qualities of his sun sign, and work with those qualities, to achieve harmony and empathy in your romance.

Allow him to focus

The Capricorn man can be quite single-minded when he has set his sights on a goal. He is much like the determined mountain goat that his sign is characterized by, and you'd do well to keep out of that stubborn goat's way until he's reached the crest of the peak. It won't do you any good to tell him to “lighten up” or “enjoy the little things in life.” He'll only tune you out, or worse, seek out a partner who is more supportive of his career and status goals. Appreciate his ambition. It really is a very admirable quality, and it certainly better than the polar opposite, which would be stagnancy and laziness.

Know when he is saying 'I love you'

The Capricorn man is unlikely to say “I love you” with words. He will tell you that he loves you, by keeping a roof over your head, changing the oil in your car, or helping you to balance your checkbook. The Capricorn man is responsible and pragmatic. He knows that showering you with exclamations of love and poetry is not as helpful as ensuring that you are provided for and well-cared for. It may seem unromantic, but you have to understand that the Capricorn man just isn't the romantic type, at least not in the conventional sense. While he won't send you love notes or take you for romantic getaways, he will always be a man that you can rely on. The Capricorn man is reliable, prudent, serious, and sensible. The way that he expresses his love is just as utilitarian as he is.

Be ready for a long courtship, followed by a traditional marriage

Much like the Taurus man, the Capricorn man usually takes a long time to choose a wife. It is because he is so cautious. He will take a long time measuring prospective women up, and making sure that they are good wife and mother material. But if you're a good fit for this goat, then you'll probably find the long wait was well worth it.

For a woman who wants a sturdy marriage, a home with the mortgage paid up to date, and a house full of children, the Capricorn man makes a wonderful match. He will be a husband that you can always count on and a top-notch provider.

Bond with his family

A Capricorn man is fiercely loyal to his family. If you've had problems getting along with his family in the past, this could very well be the reason why your relationship is on the rocks. A Capricorn man will not marry a woman who doesn't fit in with his family. Don't make snide comments about his mother or complain about spending the holidays with his family. This will only cause him to resent you and question the relationship. Instead make every effort to get to know his parents and siblings. Tell him how much you like them and enjoy spending time with them, and if any disagreements crop up, be patient and diplomatic, and squash them right away.

Be on time

The Capricorn man is always punctual. It is because he is focused on duty and his responsibilities. He is true to his word. If he says that he will be somewhere at a certain time, then that is when he'll be there. If the two of you have just started working to patch up your relationship, you need to be on time for every date and every engagement that the two of you make. Lateness, to the Capricorn man, is a sign of disregard and disrespect. He will take your tardiness to mean that you don't care very much about fixing the problems between the two of you, and he will find it hard to commit to someone that he views as irresponsible and careless.

Don't expect him to spend money on frivolous endeavors

The Capricorn man will always ensure that you have everything you need, but when it comes to gifts, anniversaries, and dates, he isn't the type of man to try and impress you by throwing a lot of money around. He expects you to be more impressed by his fiscal responsibility and his conservative manner of dealing with money.

Be there for him when he is feeling down

The Capricorn man is prone to bouts of the blues. He can be quite cynical and pessimistic. This is only because he sets such high standards for himself. He truly is always looking for the next mountain to climb. He wants to succeed at work and at home. He wants to climb the corporate ladder and the ladder of social status, all while building a loving home, with a wife and children that are provided for in all ways. That's quite a lot of standards for any goat to measure up to, no matter how diligent and tough he may be!

For these reasons, your Capricorn man may fall into bouts of angst or depression. Be there to tell him that everything is okay, and that he doesn't have to be so hard on himself. Most of all, make sure that you let him know how appreciated he is for everything that he does. You need to be the one to tell him he's doing a great job. It's not something that he will ever tell himself. An encouraging partner can do a lot for the emotional well-being of the Capricorn man, and if you can be that source of support for him, he is likely to come to trust and treasure you, and place a great importance on the relationship between the two of you.