Capricorn - characteristics and profile of the Capricorn man, woman, child and baby


The pure Capricornian (December 23 to January 19) has many earthy qualities but, alongside them, a surprising capacity to behave in a thoroughly capricious manner - on rare occasions. When a Capricornian does behave in this way, friends and associates are astonished and, subsequently, the Capricornian feels some shame, wondering why he/she behaved in such an uncharacteristic way. Normally, however, pure Capricornians are very predictable indeed, plodding steadily forward along life's road in a way more suggestive of a carthorse or an ox than of a leaping, headstrong goat. There is no doubt at all that the first impression made on others by a strongly Capricornian personality is one of docility, even dullness. 'One does not invite Leo and Capricorn to dinner upon the same occasion,' said one astrologer, and certainly their outward behaviour contrasts sharply, the lively Leo personality being ill-matched to that of the pure Capricornian, who is introverted, submissive and placid to the point of self-effacement.


Yet there are Capricornians who are just as ambitious and keen to dominate as any Leo. The difference is that Capricornians tend to keep their ambitions to themselves, being rather secretive people by nature, and do not indulge in dramatic attempts to get to the top at all costs. In fact they usually do get what they want out of life, their solid worth and patient strivings ensuring that, at some time, usually not until they are in middle age, they achieve their desires. One should not underestimate the pure Capricornian; more often than not the leaden exterior conceals, if not a heart of gold, at least a hidden mercurial temperament and an acute mind. Strongly Capricornian personalities have included the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin; Immanuel Kant, the eighteenth-century philosopher; Mary Tudor; Isaac Newton; Helena Rubinstein (who made an enormous fortune out of beauty products); and the multi-millionaire Howard Hughes, a man whose later life admirably illustrates a Capricornian tendency to melancholia and excessive worrying about physical health.

Sexuality and the Emotions
Power, wealth and sexuality are, for the pure Capricornian, three aspects of one reality. The archetypal Capricornian marries for money and prestige as well as for love. This does not mean that he/she does not feel deep affection for hislher partner, but that it is difficult for himlher genuinely to love someone who does not contribute in any way to the prestige and worldly well-being of the Capricornian concerned. Capricornian men usually command the respect and admiration, rather than the passionate devotion, of their partners. Their female counterparts often seem extremely glamorous - but this is usually no more than a veneer which conceals a shrewd and money-conscious personality. In spite of these somewhat unlovely characteristics, pure Capricornians of either sex make loyal and reliable partners who develop a deep affection, although rarely a passionate concern, for those with whom they live for any length of time.

General Character
If, upon arriving at a party, you see someone surrounded by a circle of admiring listeners you can be reasonably sure it is not a Capricornian. He or she is probably not even one of the listeners. The most likely place to find a Capricornian is in a quiet corner, carefully observing everything that is going on, but not fully participating in it. This capacity to watch and wait explains two things: firstly, the difficulty some find in getting close to a Capricornian; and, secondly, the fact that Capricornians, while they move slowly, progress steadily forward and eventually reach their goals. To do so they are quite prepared to remain quietly in the background for most of the time, to carry out the plodding routine tasks which Sagittarians would find contemptibly boring, and to accept the fact that a lot of people find them dull. 1 As a matter of fact the genuinely dull Capricornian is something of a rarity. It is surprising how much time the Capricornian will devote to

thinking out better ways of doing everyday things and how quickly his/ her mind works when it is called upon to do so. There is no doubt that Capricornians are more concerned with accumulating wealth for its own sake, rather than for what it will buy, but they are rarely miserly - they are careful rather than grasping people - and, as a result, they often attain great prosperity in middle and old age. If they do become rich, Capricornians are apt to give full expression to their latent capriciousness by, for example, making large donations to eccentric causes and unlikely charities. Such expressions of unpredictability rarely afford much pleasure to their younger relatives.

Security is of great importance to the pure Capricornian and almost any career which provides that and a chance to make steady progress through methodical effort will prove acceptable. If, in addition, it gives the Capricornian a good opportunity to apply hislher intellectual powers - an analytical and logical cast of mind which is occasionally electrified by a flash of inspiration - all to the good. But security is the main requirement; if the Capricornian is to be, for example, a research scientist, he/she will want to ensure that the research is adequately funded. Home life is of great importance to the Capricornian. The home does not have to be beautiful; nor in beautiful surroundings. It must, however, be comfortable - and a good investment.

Excerpted from 'The Complete Fortune Teller' by Francis X King.