Capricorn Ascendant - Profile and Characteristics of Capricorn Rising


Capricorn rising denotes an ambitious, persevering, plodding and persistent disposition. The fate is affected by the moral growth and the power to organise, and to rise above the difficulties of the early environment. The native is generally reserved, firm and self-reliant and anxious to be at the head of affairs. It usually happens that some position of trust or responsibility advances the native's interests, and according to the self-possession, tact and prudence displayed the native advances and makes successful progress, gaining recognition and fame or honour.

The second decanate of Capricorn rising tempers the ambitious tendencies of Capricorn and gives more plodding persistency, and inclines towards conservative and orthodox conditions. It adds to the firmness and reserve of the sign as a whole, which however unbends in social life.

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The third decanate of Capricorn rising modifies the self-reliance of the sign, but quickens the intellectual and mental qualifications, and if the native has received a good education he will prove to be a most useful and important member of society. Circumstances will rule the native, however, much more than his ability to rule his own destiny. To the awakened this decanate gives a great desire to become a utilitarian and to serve others ; to the unawakened incapacity and servility.   
When the first decanate of Capricorn ascends Saturn is the chief planet to study. If above the earth, increase of ambition.

If below the earth, persistency without ambition. If rising, self-control. If setting, misfortunes and many obstacles beset the path. Note the tenth house and any planets it may contain.
When the second decanate of Capricorn ascends note the position of Venus and the second house, also the aspects between Saturn and Venus.
When the third decanate of Capricorn ascends note the position of Mercury and the sixth house. If Saturn afflicts Mercury, lack of wit and enterprise ; if well aspected, industry and patient endeavour to rise through merit.