The three decans of Capricorn


The first decan of Capricorn is ruled by Jupiter.

The mind is masterful and ambitious, but often beset with doubts. The sympathies are narrow, and the native is usually a strong sectarian, or disposed to religious austerities, and at times to self-immolation. Sometimes a fatalist, or yet a believer in the occult, the native is ever fearful of his destiny, yet nevertheless carried onward by a prevailing self-confidence and high ambition. Relatives assist, and again obstruct, the progress of the native. Some secret evil mars the life and threatens the fame of a fair destiny. The decan gives very strong religious feeling, capable of arousing a high and worthy ideal.

The second decan of Capricorn is ruled by Mars.

The acme of forceful self-assertion, of intense ambition, and of red-hot enthusiasm is reached in this decan of Capricorn. The native may easily achieve high military honours, but is always in danger of overstepping the limits of prudence, and suffering a speedy downfall. Yet friends are numerous and powerful, and favours fall in full measure to the native. The nature is capable of extreme energy, and may become cruel and despotic unless tempered by prevailing influences of a softer and more humane nature. There are many and constant rivals who threaten the fame and position of the native. With moderation and proper feeling, the native will secure very high honours and a wide fame. The keynote of the decan is conquest, and again conquest.

The third decan of Capricorn is ruled by Sun.

The disposition is proud, cold, reserved, and austere, wanting in sympathy and grace. The native suffers through his children, and also runs risk of financial ruin by speculations. The spirit is melancholy, and disposed to look gloomily upon life's problems. Not infrequently there is danger of premature death. The struggle of life will be hard, because the nature is too self-centered, and devoid of the wider sympathies.