The Aries Boss - Traits and Characteristics


Aries is the first sign of the zodiac calendar and includes all those born between 20th March and 20th April. Bearing the sign of the Ram, Aries men and women are usually brimming with energy, confidence and hooked to varied interests. Read on to find what it is like working under someone born into this zodiac.

Crackling with energy

One of the most noticeable qualities of an Aries born is their immense vitality which makes them one of the most energetic personalities of the zodiac. As such you are likely to find your Aries boss brimming with enthusiasm and eagerness, even on a Monday morning! He/she will not think before taking more than one project on hand but knowing their knack for multi-tasking, they are more likely than not to succeed in the end. The downside of this trait is that you and other employees too are most likely to be kept on your toes, with multiple assignments being handed to you even as you are expected to juggle them with ease. The secret to keeping an Aries boss pleased is to appear busier than you really are. If there is anything that is likely to raise the hackles of an Aries boss, it is the sight of a lazy employee. So keep your water-cooler trips down to a minimum when the chief is around. Always appear active and alert and make sure he/she knows that a lot is going on at the workplace – especially where you are in charge. An Aries loves the feeling of being in the thick of things and is sure to look kindly upon them who also generate a flurry of excitement at their work.

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Varied points of interest

It will not be long before you find Your Aries boss wearing many hats – he/she might be your superior but is also probably a keen golfer, an actor with great comic timing and a mean hand at sizzling barbecues. So besides being active and interested at your workplace, try to cultivate some other interests and let your boss know about them – innocently of course. You will be more likely to be appreciated by your boss than someone who is good at his/her work but at little else. However the same vitality which makes an Aries great at multi-tasking also makes for a limited attention span. You might find your Aries boss take on several projects one after another but then hand them over to you and other employees since he/she may have already lost interest. This is because while Aries are great at taking the initiative and beginning something, they rarely have the tenacity to see things through.

Can stretch a point

Aries men and women like to put forward their own point of view with great relish. This can make them seem unnecessarily argumentative and sometimes even outrageous and overbearing. So when deep in discussion with your Aries boss try to avoid controversial topics or those you know are bound to raise their hackles. Such people are likely to believe that they are experts on every subject under the sun and not only know the best way to get that contract but also now where the best truffles can be found in your city or the exact latitude and longitude of the island of Zanzibar. So no matter how valid and logical your reasoning, arguing with such bosses is a waste of time and you would do better not to wade into those waters at all.

Usually fragile egos

Yet another point to consider when working under an Aries boss is not to tamper with their ego. Once they feel that their self-respect has been wounded, they can be quick to anger, hardly surprising considering they are governed by the fiery red planet Mars. So if you want to keep your Christmas bonus, refrain from making a caustic remark about their car or comparing them with your previous boss. Once their ego is needled, an Aries can quickly get into a temper, order you to get out of their office and even do something rash like chucking you out of your well-paid job. Your best bet in coping with a boss with such a fragile ego is to keep your mouth shut when he/she is breathing fire and brimstone. If there are issues regarding your duties or the workplace that need to be brought to their attention, choose a time when they are calmer. Approach them directly and tell them in simple, precise words what the problem is. It could be your working schedule or even their own judgment of a particular situation. In all probability, you will get a sincere hearing from your boss. The reason is that Aries despite their bravado and bluster are frank and open and there is rarely any careful manipulation going on in their heads.

Fun and generous

With Aries as your boss, office parties are likely to be roaring affairs with lots of fun, frolic and entertainment. The Aries vitality and energy is infectious and you might find a shy co-worker join in a dance with your gregarious boss. Female employees on such occasions may find that their male boss is not above to a little light-hearted flirting too. Also being of a generous temperament, an Aries boss will make sure that there are ample resources for recreation at the workplace and free gifts from time to time. And provided he/she notices you put in your best efforts and achieve results, you can also expected to be paid well by your Aries boss.

Finally an Aries is a natural leader. Their tendency to seize the initiative, ability to juggle several things at once and their crackling energy all make them hugely successful professionals. You may however find your Aries boss delegate matters which involve tedious details and legal minutiae since these things don’t interest them. Essentially, this boss is a team leader, best at spearheading a campaign and motivating a movement and they are most likely to shine in sales, publicity, production, distribution, agency and other sectors where creative energy and quick thinking are highly valued.