How to Attract and Seduce an Aquarius Woman


The Aquarius woman is a free spirit. She is not the conventional type like the Capricorn woman, and she doesn't long for security like the Cancer woman. The Aquarius woman will do everything that she can to break traditions. At times, it will seem like she's being different just for the sake of it (and maybe she is, but isn't that why you were first drawn to her?).

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At the very least, with the Aquarius woman, you'll always know that she can hold her own. She won't need to lean on you; she is perfectly fine leaning on herself. Because she is so independent and social, it can be hard to entice her to settle down with one person. If you're hoping to be that one person she settles down with, you'll need to work with the qualities of the Aquarius woman, and understand what makes her tick.

Be open-minded and accepting of different perspectives

The Aquarius woman is free-thinking and focused on the future. She is a true progressive, always looking for ways to improve the world and make life better for the rest of humanity. Anyone too narrow-minded isn't going to be compatible with the Aquarius woman. You'll need to be open to different opinions and looking at new ways of viewing the world. An open-minded and idealistic man is one that the Aquarius woman will be most attracted to.

Take her out to lots of parties and social gatherings

Much like the Aries woman or Leo woman, the Aquarius woman is in her element when surrounded by lots of different people. She's apt to do just as much listening as she does talking. She likes to study people and try to figure them out. She has a natural, burning curiosity about human nature, and she'll probably spend a lifetime puzzling it out. Bring her to your best friend's backyard barbeque or your cousin's graduation party. Wherever you bring the Aquarius woman, as long as she's surrounded by lots of people, she's going to have a great time.

Be yourself

You never have to wear a mask around the Aquarius woman. No one appreciates individualism more than the Aquarius woman. She'll be much more drawn to you if you stay true to your own inner voice. If you're a little quirky, all the better! The Aquarius woman is quite the eccentric herself. She is unpredictable and unconventional. Nothing will put the Aquarius woman off more than dishonesty or insincerity. She'll always be able to sense it when a person is presenting a false version of themselves. She's very perceptive and intuitive.

Don't smother her

The Aquarius woman loves her independence and autonomy. Much like the Aries or the Sagittarius woman, coming on too strong is only going to send her running. She is going to need her own space to explore her many interests. She is also going to want to go out without you sometimes. She has lots of friends and runs in lots of many social circles.

When you do go out with her for the evening, don't cling to her side, or get up in arms if another man talks to her. It's likely that she'll have lots of other men talking to her, some of them quite good platonic friends of hers. She is loyal to the people that she deems deserving of loyalty. Once she has made a friend, they are usually her friend for life.

Be patient

A courtship with an Aquarius woman is setting yourself up to play the long game. Marriage is conventional and the Aquarius woman is anything but. She's not the kind of girl who will get married simply because “it's what people do.” In fact, hearing these words uttered will make nuptials the very last thing she wants to participate in. But it's not just her revolutionary way of approaching life that will make her averse to monogamy. Her love of people, and specifically meeting and investigating new people, makes her hesitant to promise herself forever to only one man.

Show her a good time, let her be herself, learn to think outside of the box, and wait patiently for your Uranus-ruled woman to come around.

Learn how to be okay with a little emotional distance

The Aquarius woman loves being around people and she has lots of friends, but in all of her relationships, she puts up emotional barriers to keep people from getting too close. She can sometimes seem completely unmoved by the affection that you shower on her, though she probably won't mind it. She can seem unemotional and even tactless. You might wonder why she even bothers sticking around, when she clearly isn't as invested in the relationship as you are. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that has stayed by your side for as long as she has.

With her social and somewhat restless nature, this in itself is a form of intimacy, and it's probably as much as you'll get from the aloof and detached Aquarius woman. She isn't ever going to be one to pour her heart out, and while she isn't a liar, she might be a bit secretive. She'll tell you the truth, just not the whole truth. Appreciate her for her clever wit and ingenious ideas, and don't expect her to act in a way that is contrary to her nature.