Aquarius - characteristics and profile of the Aquarius man, woman, child and baby


Aquarians (January 20 to February 19) have in common with Sagittarians a love of liberty - the personal freedom for themselves and others - and an unconventional approach to life. Rarely, however, do they possess the Sagittarian's inbuilt 'luck factor', the capacity almost always to come out on top, even in the most adverse circumstances. And their humanitarian concern for the freedom and welfare of others sometimes lands them in difficult positions and works against their own interests. The Aquarian is always both idealistic and unconventional and he/she is sometimes a very difficult person. The problems that others find in dealing with pure Aquarians in either social or work situations arise from the Aquarian virtues - their idealism, their concern for others, and their freedom from stuffy conventions.

The trouble with Aquarians is that they never know when to stop. They are the sort of people who begin by demanding that there should be less discrimination against minorities and end by expressing their indignation that there are no job opportunities in piano tuning for the tone deaf. Not only are the pure Aquarian's opinions idealistic to the point of eccentricity, they are often expressed with extreme tactlessness and without regard for others' feelings. Sometimes this disregard for common sense goes to lengths which make it difficult to believe that there is not a desire to shock and surprise: the writer Frank Harris, whose horoscope was strongly Aquarian, was apt to lecture such friends as Oscar Wilde on the lives of medieval saints and then to recite improper rhymes to clergymen. If pure Aquarians can keep their enthusiasms within reasonable bounds - perhaps by working in co-operation with others whose feet are more firmly planted on the ground - they are delightful people who are loved by many and leave the world a better place than they found it. Notable Aquarian personalities include and have included the scientists Galileo and Charles Darwin; the writers Charles Dickens and Somerset Maugham; the philosopher Francis Bacon and the actress and political activist Vanessa Redgrave.


Sexuality and the Emotions

A good long-term relationship with a pure Aquarian is both stable and worthwhile - but not altogether easy to achieve. The Aquarian is usually happy if living alone, making his/her emotional forays when he/she wishes to do so and avoiding the restrictions, however pleasant, which are imposed by permanent relationships. When he/she does enter into longer-term relationships it is essential that there should be no feeling of being trapped, of being compelled to conform to convention and the pressures of family life. Provided that the Aquarian retains a sense of freedom, he/she makes an excellent partner for anyone who can cope with a certain amount of unpredictability and impracticality. An Aquarian is more likely to be concerned with the problems of the Bolivian tin mining industry than with digging the garden or unblocking the kitchen sink.

General Character

Most people take immediately to pure Aquarians. They may find their ideas a little too idealistic and impractical, but the personalities are so likeable, the approaches so friendly, that they cannot look upon them as other than thoroughly nice people. And yet, somehow or other, it is difficult to feel close to an Aquarian. However friendly the Aquarian may be - and Aquarians are almost invariably amicable - an impression of distance, of a barrier which cannot quite be demolished, always remains. The barrier is a very real one. Aquarians are never in quite the same world as the rest of us, for at least parts of their minds are always withdrawn from the reality around them and living in the world of their ideals. None of us sees the world exactly as it is - we all view the reality that surrounds us through the distorted lenses of our prejudices and misconceptions - but the pure Aquarian is more subject to defects of intellectual vision than anyone else.

All too often the Aquarian sees the world as he/she would wish it to be, with everyone concerned about each other's welfare and anxious to do good. This sometimes leads to disillusion and a conviction that wicked- ness is abroad in the world - the Aquarian is genuinely incapable of understanding the ruthless ambition of Aries and Scorpio or the financially prudent ways of Capricorn. The disillusioned Aquarian can be a very dangerous individual - the terrorist who tries to bomb the world into virtue, the cynic who feels that good is inevitably doomed to defeat.

If, however, the Aquarian can use hislher very considerable intellectual abilities to apprehend the world as it is, rather than as it might be, he/she can be a tremendous force for good - a reformer of things great and small, a person who transforms others' ways of looking at things. The pure Aquarian, whether he/she operates in only a small field of activities or in the greater world of politics and economics, is never an easy friend. But he/she can be a valued and very worthwhile one.


Aquarians are not the people to do things in the way they have always been done, to be satisfied with tried and trusted methods. Tell an Aquarian that something has been done in such-and-such a way since 1742 and that no one has ever complained about it before, and he/ she will immediately start pointing out the shortcomings of the system. This can be tiresome. Even more tiresomely the Aquarian will suggest a new system which, to the astonishment of all, often turns out to be an improvement on the old one if it is actually tried out. In fact it very rarely is tried out, which causes the Aquarian frustration and annoyance. To avoid this unhappiness it is essential that the Aquarian should seek his/ her living in a field of activity which is open to new ideas and innovation.

Radical administrations, both local and national, are always filled with pure Aquarians busily engaged in efforts to transform the lives of others for the better. Other fields in which Aquarians excel include social and charitable work, town planning, psychotherapy, economics, sociology, and anything else in which they feel they are making the world either a better place to live in or, as a cynical Capricornian might say, making a tiresome nuisance of themselves.

Excerpted from 'The Complete Fortune Teller' by Francis X King.