Aquarius Zodiac Sign Symbol and its Meaning


Marked by an open mind and inquiring intellect, natives of Aquarius are born from 20th January to 19th February. This zodiac bears the symbol of the Water Bearer which implies the flowing gift of knowledge and humanity. Also its glyph depicts the water from the vessel of the Water Bearer which again stands for open-ended spiritual energy.

Among the most distinctive traits of the Aquarius is their keen intellect. They use the powers of their probing mind not only to understand the workings of various systems and philosophies but also find ways to make them perform better. Thus they are not merely intelligent but also highly innovative and inventive. They are also differentiated from mere theorists by their genuine altruistic nature. Like the symbol of the Water Bearer which marks this zodiac sign, Aquarians believe in carrying the gifts of knowledge and thought and pouring it out for humanity. And just like the water that is poured forth by the Bearer contains life-giving and life-sustaining powers, so too the knowledge and progressive ideas that the Aquarius spreads around are likely to replenish and rejuvenate humanity.  They are drawn to ideas, social systems and kinds of knowledge that will make the world a better place to live in and as a result many famous reformers and progressive thinkers have come from their ranks. Few things put off an Aquarian more easily than evidence of mean-mindedness or petty behavior in a fellow human and while they may not embody the spirit of selfless service in their actions like a Virgo, they are nevertheless deeply concerned about how knowledge and innovation can help bring about positive change. And like it is in the nature of water to spread out and level itself, so the intellectual concerns of the Aquarius are oriented towards equality and progress for all.

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This sign does not believe in making use of knowledge for the benefit of the certain group or class or even for personal gain; rather they seek to dispense their knowledge as well as their vision of equality and individuality to all.
Change is a word which aptly describes the main motivation for Aquarians. They are attracted to the new and different; in fact Aquarians believe that change is not only good but also necessary; it helps to remove the dead leaves of convention from the tree of life and make space for new leaves and flowers to appear. Here too the symbolism of the Water Bearer is highly appropriate. The water from the vessel washes away the past, leaving room for a fresh, new start. The sign of Aquarius is thus forward-looking and growth-oriented.

The flowing water from the pitcher of the Water Bearer can also be considered symbolizing the free-flowing spirit of independence which is a hallmark of the Aquarius personality. In case of their public lives, this takes the form of highly individualistic ways of thinking and living. Their thoughts and ideas do not take their counter from mere tradition but spring up from the workings of their own mind and this often makes them appear as having a distinctly original personality. This is also why an Aquarian is at times known as the rebel of the zodiac.  In personal relationships, this spirit of independence is manifested in their discomfort with deeply emotional relationships An Aquarius will be proud of his/her individuality and keen to keep his/her personal affairs to him/herself. As a result they might want to maintain a distance even with people he is fond of. The thing about personal relationships with Aquarians is that they need to feel free. For them romance is much more than conventional notions of marriage and family. And they are definitely not the kind to succumb to any value system just because it has been validated by tradition. In fact an Aquarian may be rather partial to the idea of open marriages where neither partners are bound by restrictions and expectations. Romance to an Aquarian lover is not so much about physical passion or emotional dependence but more about companionship and compatibility – especially intellectual. Above everything, they are looking for a companion with whom they can look forward to an intelligent and lively exchange of thoughts and ideas.