Aquarius Ascendant - Profile and Characteristics of Aquarius Rising


Aquarius rising denotes a refined, sympathetic, and humane disposition. The fate depends upon the nature of the friends and acquaintances the native gathers around him, as he is easily influenced by his associates. He has the ability to read character, and study human nature, but does not always act upon his own intuitions, and although quiet and determined, his sympathies often over-rule his reason and intuition. There are very few born under this sign that are able to roach up to its high standard of refinement and purity, and those who respond to the higher vibrations of this sign have overcome the animal nature and live in the pure mind apart from all lower sensational and animal tendencies. The undeveloped Aquarian is often harmless and true, with good and kind intentions, but easily led by companions, so often sins without the desire or wish to fall into error.

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The second decanate of Aquarius rising lessens the tendency to drift, as it makes the mind active and inclines towards intellectual attainment, but does not give sufficient continuity or concentration to qualify for any literary or educational work, and favours mechanical and physical activities in the business world raore than mental pursuits. The fate is often affected by relatives and companions.                           
The third decanate rising improves the Aquarius nature, giving more balance and a higher standard of intellect, with very refined tastes and clear discrimination. This decanate leads the native towards the occult and mystical side of life, and often awakens the clairvoyant faculty. The fate is affected by marriage or love affairs, yet the native is not inclined towards marriage and prefers a celibate life.
When the first decanate of Aquarius ascends Saturn is the ruling planet, but if Uranus is strongly placed this planet will also largely share in the destiny. Note well the eleventh house.
When the second decanate of Aquarius ascends note the position and aspects of Mercury and the third house.

When the third decanate of Aquarius ascends note the aspects between Venus and Uranus, if any, also the position and strength of Venus and the seventh house.