Neptune in the various signs

Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces. Neptune was first observed in 1795 but mistaken for a star. It was officially discovered only in 1846. Neptune orbits the Sun between Uranus and Pluto. It has a rotational cycle of 164.75 years. In mythology Neptune is the Roman equivalent of the Greek God Poseidon, the ruler of the sea and brother of Zeus. Neptune signifies the unlimited, sensitivity, dreams, illusions, delusions, erasure of the boundaries between dreams and reality. It also signifies high ideals, spirituality, the psyche, deception, idealism, drug abuse, disappointment, apathy and irrational fear.

Neptune rising gives psychic ability, and when the native is advanced he acts under inspiration; having the power to see far into the future ; when perverted, however, this influence acts most disastrously, giving mediumistic and receptive tendencies which open the way for obsession and strange phantasies. The influence of Neptune is not yet fully known by modern astrologers, and much of the information current with regard to its nature is purely speculative. Its general influence tends to the inversion of motives.

Neptune denotes gain through navigation, and the sea generally also through secret service, the turf, hospitals, asylums,institutions, swimming baths and lavatories ; also through public establishments in which the unfortunate and afflicted portions of humanity are confined. Money may be gained in peculiar and questionable ways, sometimes through fraud and deception, blackmail or ways that are not considered exactly straightforward. Bubble' schemes come especially under the influence of this planet, also misrepresentation, 'bogus count' business, etc.

Neptune in the third house, imaginative, fanciful, and weird mental tendencies ; fondness for spiritualistic phenomena and matters pertaining to the occult and mystical side of things ; poetical fancies ; dreamy state of mind. Only a few can respond to the higher vibrations of the planet Neptune ; but those who have any tendency to allow their nature to become depraved and degraded seem to come under an influence from this planet which appears to be the inversion of a very high moral grade.

Neptune in the fourth house denotes an unfavourable close to the life, living under some peculiar restraint or in some especial retirement in the latter portion, or placed in unpleasant positions at the end. It denotes very unusual and unique domestic conditions. Not infrequently the native is compelled to reside in houses or locations where the magnetic conditions are unfavourable or exhausting, and he or she is, always liable to a certain amount of psychic vampirisation by others.

Neptune in the fifth house denotes strange and abnormal conditions relating to sex matters. It is not a favourable position for any who have not definitely decided to choose platonic love in preference to the ordinary love attachments. All manner of evils arise from this position in connection with courtship and matters pertaining to the opposite sex. If Neptune is afflicted in the fifth troubles are severe, many dangers being threatened, and unless the horoscope as a whole shows an innate love of purity the animal tendencies will override the human.

Neptune in the sixth house is very unfavourable for health, denoting atrophy, incurable diseases, and strange complaints that are inherited. If much afflicted it denotes serious ill-health through debauchery and evil habits, especially if afflicting Venus or Mars. It is not good for work and often brings enforced idleness or a chronic state of inertia. It inclines to mediumistic tendencies and is favourable for psychic phenomena, but there is always a danger of serious reaction resulting from this position.

Neptune in the seventh house denotes peculiar and exceptional unions, and in some cases marriage to cripples or deformed persons. Extremes of good and evil seem to be the latent possibilities of the planet Neptune ; therefore grave risks are run by the native who has this position. It may bring about a platonic union or one that is the very reverse ; long expected happiness often meets with disappointment at the last moment, though often the seeming misfortune proves a boon, this depending on the aspects Neptune receives at birth.

Neptune in the eighth house gives liability to a very strange and peculiar death, possibly through trance, with some danger of being buried alive ; or death after a long period of unconsciousness or from overdose of soporific drugs, etc. In some cases it denotes cremation after death, and when very well aspected the probability of carrying the consciousness through from the physical brain to the astral while in waking consciousness. This is not a good position for gain by marriage, although in some cases it denotes gain by a legacy or in some peculiar manner through others.

Neptune in the ninth house denotes very peculiar and generally psychic persons whose minds are absorbed in phenomena and strange theories. It is not a good position unless free from affliction ; alone in this house or badly aspected it is likely to cause the native much trouble

Neptune in the tenth house denotes a very strange career, unless the native is very undeveloped, in which case it will have little or no effect upon the life. It is possible to obtain benefit from this position, but this planet must be well aspected, and free from any affliction ; afflicted it is likely to cause much trouble, especially affecting the honour, often bringing undeserved scandal.

Neptune in the eleventh house denotes unfavourable attachments, which rarely produce any lasting or satisfactory friendship. If much, afflicted there is serious trouble and danger from friends and acquaintances. It signifies unique friendships, good or bad.

Neptune in the twelfth house exerts an influence which is very difficult to foresee when good, or to guard against when evil. When afflicted, the native is in danger of all sorts of secret enmity, underhand conduct from others, and treachery. When well aspected he benefits through affairs that are kept secret, and through matters that even his friends do not suspect ; its influence is then good for all secret concerns and occupations, detective work. private agencies, etc., as well as for occultism.